School loses student's graduation exam; forced to retake test

By Trina Trice

Although Robby Frazee participated in Lovejoy High School's graduation last Friday, he is far from being an official graduate.

Lovejoy High School testing officials lost Frazee's graduation test soon after he took it.

"We're very frustrated," said mother Regina Frazee. "They lost my son's test. Either way you see it, he's getting punished. He'll have to take the test again."

Since July 1991 all Georgia high students must take and pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test.

Students must pass all four parts of the test n writing, English/language arts, math, social studies and science.

When Frazee took the test in March, he was retaking a portion of the test he didn't pass.

Linda Tanner, assistant superintendent of Area III school, and Dr. Ray Blakely, coordinator of student assessment, have been handling the investigation of what went wrong.

"We have talked to the testing administrator," Tanner said. "Yes, he did take the test. Yes, she did collect the test booklet and the testing sheet. What happened after that nputting the test materials together n we have not found the answer to that. We realize we have a flaw we need to sheer up."

A school's local test administrator is responsible for counting the number of tests distributed to students and the number collected.

Tests are then given to the test coordinator at a central location within the school.

"What we need to do is make sure that when they go to the central location at that school is that they are counting again," Tanner said.

Factors that might have exacerbated carelessness on Lovejoy High School's part could have come from the tragic deaths of two of the school's students in a car accident on March 24.

"In my mind I'm going back and rethinking," Tanner said. "We had our counselors doing two jobs, providing grief counseling for students and helping with testing. I'm not saying that was an excuse, it's just that we did have unusual circumstances."

Tanner apologized to the Frazee family on behalf of the school system.

"We are going to work with them through this failure on our part," she said. "But we still have to make the young man retake the test. But we don't want this to ever happen again. Because the young man will have to take the test again and that's so heartbreaking."

Tanner has been a tremendous help, Frazee said, "but it was the high school that I had the problem with."

Attempts to reach Lovejoy High School's principal Mike Duncan through the school system's spokesman Jerry Jackson were redirected to Tanner.

Robby Frazee will begin tutoring next week with a tutor provided by the county. He'll be tested in July.