Crosswind leads to plane crash

By Ed Brock

A stiff crosswind apparently caused the pilot of a small plane to crash land at Clayton County Airport at Tara Field.

Pilot Dana Parry, 39, of Fayetteville and passenger Everett Stanfield, 23, of Newnan were treated at the scene for minor injuries after the accident occurred around 3 p.m. Thursday, Henry County police spokesman Lt. Joe Tammaro said.

The accident could have happened to anybody, Tara Field Manager Ed Toney said.

Parry was approaching the airport from the east in a four-seat Cessna 172 when a more than 20-mph crosswind blowing from the north caused the plane's right wing to stall, Toney said.

"It's just a real windy day," Toney said. "It's OK if you're an experienced pilot to be out flying today, but you could be in an incident."

Neither man suffered injuries that required them to be taken to a hospital but Toney said the plane was probably a total loss.

About two years ago a similar accident happened at the airport in which a Georgia Tech student lost control of his plane on approach.

"He said the runway was too narrow," Toney said.

Toney said he didn't know of any other accidents that occurred in the past four years that he's been working at the small airfield that is near Hampton just behind the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Henry and Clayton County firefighters were called to the scene but there was no fire and only a minor fuel leak. Federal Aviation Administration officials called to the scene would not comment on where Parry and Stanfield were coming from or give any other information on the accident.

Toney said that Parry was not a regular pilot at the airport.