Resident keeps journal of supernatural activities

By Clay Wilson

John Quinn of McDonough believes his mobile home is haunted.

But he doesn't just tell one or two anecdotes to try and convince skeptics. He's got an entire journal of "supernatural activity" dating back to April 11.

"Clanking chains and grandfather clock ticking real loud. Little girl made very wicked laugh in office all in daylight hours," says an entry dated July 4.

"2:30 a.m. Bed shook and levitated," reads one from July 11. "Shadow ran to front office bedroom," says Aug. 19's entry.

Such occurrences, along with mysterious flashing lights, disembodied voices and unexplained movements of objects are fairly constant in the 445 Robin Lane home, Quinn said.

"It's continuous. It never stops," he said.

Quinn and his wife, Holly, have lived in the residence for about four years, since moving from Atlanta. An Atlanta native, Quinn said he spotted McDonough on his job as a security officer.

"We got tired of Atlanta (and) wanted to come back to the country," he said.

But instead of rural peace and quiet, Quinn said that after about two months in their new home they discovered a hotbed of what he considers unexplainable activity.

He said that soon after they moved in, a neighbor began telling them her house was haunted. At first Quinn was skeptical.

"I would just shrug it off," he said, but added that in light of his own experience, "I'm more a full-fledged believer now."

On July 6, Quinn said, he was standing by a tree close to his home when something picked him up and plopped him head first into a large yard trash can about six feet away.

Around the first of the year, he said, two holes mysteriously appeared in his side yard. One hole is about a foot and a half deep, while the other is about two feet. Both have grass growing right up to the edge and appear to have sunken in, rather than being dug.

Quinn said that in September he had two paranormal investigators from Alabama come and survey his home. The investigators, Adam and Becky Kimberly, theorized that the holes in his yard mark old gravesites, he said.

E-mails Quinn said the investigators sent him mention unidentified voices caught on tape in Quinn's home and "six unexplainable occurrences" captured on video there.

Quinn became so concerned with the phenomena that he consulted his pastor, Ken Albright of St. Luke Lutheran Church.

Albright confirmed that Quinn had mentioned the situation to him.

"He's even showed me pictures ? that someone could look at and say, ?Wow, he's got something strange going on there,'" Albright said.

Indeed, Quinn has a collection of photos that show various reflections, apparent anomalies of light and some forms that he says have no ready physical explanation.

Albright would not comment on the kind of advice Quinn was seeking, nor did he say whether he believes Quinn's residence is haunted.

However, he said if he were approached by a parishioner who believed they were the victim of supernatural forces, "I would act to minister and support those people with that situation, regardless of what I believe.

"If it's not real to me, it certainly is real to them, and that's how they perceive it," he said.

Albright said that exorcism is not unheard of in the Lutheran tradition, although it is more common in developing countries. And he said that while he certainly believes in "the powers of good and evil," he has never had experience with supernatural activity such as Quinn describes.

For his part, even though he says the phenomena he experiences are nuisances, Quinn seems to have embraced the supernatural.

He has his own Web site complete with an animated graphic of a haunted house. He refers to his residence as "John Quinn's house at Entityville." A "Tweety Bird" figure in his front yard holds a sign saying "Beware of Ghosts."

"(I'm going to) try to stay positive. That's all you can do," he said. He said he can't afford to move from the home, and adds, "I'm not going to let them run me out."

Quinn indicated he is aware that some people would find perfectly logical, natural explanations for the "supernatural activity" he's experiencing.

But he also issues this challenge: "If you want to come spend the night with us one night and see, you're welcome to.

"I can't get anybody to," he adds.