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News for Tuesday, November 11, 2003


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Getting a new house in order - Clay Wilson

My mother is depressed. I don't think she would mind me sharing this, because she has a perfectly legitimate reason for her mood.

The unofficial wedding photographer - By Zach Porter

Yesterday my little sister Katie got married. And let me just say congrats to her and her new husband Matt and to our families. It did not hit me this thing was going to actually go down until I was in Acworth for the rehearsal dinner this past Friday night. That's how it always is with me. I don't get psyched up about events until there actually happening. When I arrived at the hotel Friday I said, "Hey, this is actually happening, like for really real."

Could there be a ghost in your house? - April Avison

I'm glad October has ended. Speaking from the perspective of someone who was raised in a household where "Halloween" was a bad word, I've never found myself too interested in the season in which children – and adults – dress themselves up as ghosts and goblins and witches.

A subscription to glossy culture - Rob Felt

The car's engine hasn't fully wound down and my feet hit the pavement with a noticeable determination. Striding across the parking lot of my apartment complex the anticipation swells. Will I get one today, or maybe even two? I approach the bank of square metal doors and key into my designated cubby. There's some junk mail on top and a bill sticks out at me like a tongue, but underneath is the prize inside this Cracker Jack box that I'm looking for.

Good woman, bad situation - Ed Brock

There's a popular carnival ride that I've heard about but never experienced.

Taupe, ecru, tawny? No, brown! - R.H. Joseph

Once again mired in the re-decorating blues (Is He testing me?), I am at wit's end, rendered stark raving mad by the myriad choices available to one lucky (or unlucky) enough to be born in The Land of Plenty.

Well-known local coach dies at 83


DOT offers advice for falling objects - Tamara Boatwright

Last week I yammered on about a football size rock sailing off a dump truck and slamming into the left fender of my car. I took a light-hearted look at what could have been a serious situation.

Lovejoy continues winning ways

By Anthony Rhoads

Louisianaizing a Louisiana boy - Bob Paslay

I loaned one of our newest reporters a copy of "Confederacy of Dunces" to read since he is from Louisiana. And as soon as he is through I plan to bring in one of my dog-eared copies of Robert Penn Warren's "All the King's Men."

Saving face with the rest of the world - Greg Gelpi

Evil. The mere word conjures images of pure darkness, demonic figures and tormenting flames.

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Requiem for teacher who loved democracy - Diane Wagner

I'm tempted to use his name, but there's an off chance that he's still alive.

Clayton County sheriff defends conference

By Ed Brock

Board points to progress

By Greg Gelpi

Pick an Elf program asking for help this holiday season

By Billy Corriher


November 11, 2003

War veteran recalls service in WWII

By Greg Gelpi