Students report rape, assault

By Ed Brock

One Lovejoy High School student has reported being raped by a man who picked her up at a bus stop and another reported being sexually molested on school grounds.

Also, a 16-year-old male student at the school faces charges after allegedly threatening to kill a teacher. That incident comes two months after another Lovejoy student was arrested after other students said he was planning a Columbine-like massacre at the school.

On Nov. 7, an 18-year-old girl told a teacher at the school that she had been raped and the teacher then reported the incident to police. According to the teacher the girl said she was waiting at her bus stop at Port West Drive and Thrasher Road that morning when a man drove up and asked her if she knew where another girl lived, according to Clayton County police Officer Barry Davis' report.

The girl told the man that she knew where the other girl lived and agreed to go with him to show him the way. She asked another student to go with her but that student refused.

Another witness told police that the girl said the man drove down Tara Boulevard to a dirt road near some new apartments and told the girl to take off her clothes. The man also pulled out a gun and fired a shot through the window of the car.

The girl took off her clothes and the man raped her in the car. The girl initially did not want to talk to police, according to the report.

In the sexual assault case, a 14-year-old student came to Davis on Nov. 6 and said that on Aug. 28 she was skipping class but was still on school grounds when a young male who said his name was Lamar grabbed her arm and took her outside. The male began grabbing and fondling her but left her when the bell rang.

The girl said she didn't say anything about the attack before because she was afraid of what her parents would say to her.

Police issued a lookout for the suspect in the rape after it was reported, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said, but so far they have no leads.

They do have a lead in the molestation case.

"We're following up on that," Turner said.

The rape suspect was described only as a man in his 20s. The molestation suspect was described as having braids and gold teeth.

In the threat case, the 16-year-old boy was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and disrupting school following the Nov. 6 incident, according to Davis. The teacher who was the victim in the case told Davis that the teen returned to class after being sent out for talking and began using obscenities toward the teacher, saying at one point "I'll teach you a lesson. I'm gonna kill you all."

A witness told Davis that the 16-year-old came back into the class, accused the teacher of always getting him in trouble and then used obscenities toward the teacher. The witness did not mention any threats.

The teen told Davis that after being sent to the office he did return to the classroom to get his books and he was "a little hostile" with the teacher but did not use the words "kill" or "hurt." Also, the student denied threatening the teacher or anybody else.

Police searched the teen's house for weapons and found none. They charged him and released him into his grandmother's custody.

"We charged him because we take a threat against a student or teacher seriously and we charge accordingly," Turner said.

On Sept. 18 police arrested a 14-year-old boy who they said had tried to recruit other students to help him kill Lovejoy High Principal Mike Duncan and some students. The students who reported the boy's plans told police that he had written them notes in class indicating he planned to pull the fire alarm, block the exits and shoot students as they came out of the classrooms.

Police found a note referring to suicide in the boy's school bag and the boy's father told investigators that he owned a gun and his son knew where it was kept.

The teen was charged with disrupting a school, making terroristic threats and conspiracy to commit murder

The teen's case has not yet been heard, Clayton County Juvenile Court Administrator Keith Parkhouse said.