McCrary pleads guilty to homicide in bus accident

By Michael Davis

Terry Lewis McCrary pleaded guilty Monday to a list of charges related to driving a stolen bus into a Wal-Mart sign and killing a 7-year-old Stockbridge boy last year.

The mother of the victim, Jordan T. Curtis, pleaded with Superior Court Judge Hal Craig for the maximum sentence.

"Do whatever you possibly can to keep this man from doing this to somebody else," his mother told the court.

McCrary pleaded guilty but mentally ill to first degree vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle (another bystander, Dennis W. Smith sustained serious injuries to his hand in the incident), hit and run and theft by taking.

On June 15, police say McCrary stole a passenger bus and drove it into the Wal-Mart sign at Ga. Highway 23/42 causing the sign to crash down on Curtis and Smith. He received a total sentence of 40 years in prison for the various charges but all will be served consecutively with the 15-year sentence for vehicular homicide.

Flint Judicial Circuit District Attorney Tommy Floyd said that if McCrary serves 15 years without being released on parole, he will have served his entire sentence.

According to court documents, McCrary has been placed in several mental institutions across the state and has a history of problems.

"There was no question that this man has got serious medical problems," said Floyd.