Woman pleads guilty in rabbit, Guinea pig case

By Ed Brock

A Riverdale woman pleaded guilty to two charges of selling pets without a license and surrendered custody of more than 80 rabbits and Guinea pigs taken from her home.

Rhonda Aulicky, 50, entered the plea Wednesday morning and as part of her sentence she had to give the county control over the animals that were taken from Aulicky's Fairhaven Drive house in July, Clayton County Solicitor General Keith Martin said.

Aulicky was sentenced to 24 months probation and given a $400 fine. She also has to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and cannot own or control any animals during her probation except for one dog that she already owns.

Martin said the case against Aulicky's mother Rose Aulicky will be dropped since the information they have indicates that Rhonda Aulicky oversaw the sale and care of the animals.

When county animal control officers entered the Aulickys' house after receiving complaints about the animals' living conditions they found the animals roaming around the house. They seemed to be in good health but had no water available, Animal Control Capt. Toni Tidwell said at the time.

The rabbits and Guinea pigs have been at animal control since their confiscation and Martin said he believes members of the House Rabbit Society who have been helping to care for the animals will adopt most of them.