Local student wins essay award


Editor's note: An essay contest was offered to local high school journalists on what journalism means to them. The prize is a News Daily-sponsored membership in the Georgia Scholastic Press Association. Here is the winning essay written by Samantha Long, editor of The Wildside, the student newspaper of Lovejoy High School.

As editor of Lovejoy's student newspaper, The Wildside, I believe journalism is the process of gathering factual and relevant news information and reporting that information through a channel of the media. It also means perseverance, integrity, objectivity, and a lot of hard work.

I have learned that journalism doesn't stop when the reader puts down the newspaper or when they change the television channel. Journalism not only provides knowledge for the present time, but also incites the reader or listener to find more information, thus creating a more educated public. Journalism gives citizens the chance to experience what is going on in society in a relatively short time of explanation.

With that said, I as the editor of The Wildside aspire to lead the bright and discerning reporters of my staff to excellence in newspaper journalism. With the majority of the staff being new to newspaper journalism, I hope to provide a paradigm of what is expected of journalists through my writing and editing. I also seek to establish a closer bond between the newspaper and the students of Lovejoy High School by reporting on issues that are appealing and directly affect them. I also would like to give them a chance to interact with us by starting a question and answer column and a newspaper Website. Our first newspaper was recently published and we received rave reviews concerning our variation in story topics and layout design. These changes are just the beginning. With diligence and focus, we will lead the county to distinction in student journalism.