You've got to pay the piper - R.H. Joseph

Following Schwarzenegger's election many appear suddenly cognizant of the moral relativism of conservatives. Regular readers of this column are now quietly smiling while the less perceptive discover what my readers have known for some time.

It never really was about Clinton's character; it was about providing the Republican constituency, religious conservatives, someone to hate. Forewarned is forearmed.

Oh, if Bush only had your advantage, your foreknowledge. His intelligence sources may be "darn good" but yours are better.

Recall also that quite some time ago you learned via this column that while Clinton was the first "boomer" president Bush is the first "instant gratification" president.

Fully aware the credulity of the Republican constituency is exceeded only by their willing immersion in the infantilism of self-gratification, those who tell the president what he thinks couched his campaign promises in evocations of candy canes, lollipops and bright, happy colors.

You can have it all, Bush insisted. Americans have a right to the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Do we blame Bush or his constituency: the malleable masses, the herd?

You also read "Rich kids think they're exempt" in this space. With regard to America's first instant gratification president, I can't help recalling what my dear old daddy instilled in me when I was a kid: "You've got to pay the piper."

My daddy wasn't rich like George's, not well connected.

Poor W., he never suspected those trained to respond to the instant gratification sugar plum fairy balderdash of his public pronouncements regarding our "success" in Iraq would, in the shortest of terms, expect to be able to move on. After all, the World Series is just about to start, it's the beginning of the new television season, and the latest model SUVs are being introduced.

A rapacious, juvenile constituency doesn't want to think about bad things. They want to win n every game, every time. God is on their side. George said so.

As a result, the increasingly insatiable herd first identified and then exploited by the Bush league is now biting the hand that fed them.

Why haven't we won yet? What do you mean this is going to cost us hundreds of billions?

This is bad news. We don't want to hear bad news. Make it go away.

Today, in the midst of a futile counter attack and shoveling their humbuggery of achievement and competence as fast as they can, the Bush league is creating sufficient fertilizer to power America's SUVs with methane.

Perhaps I misjudged the man. Could it be the Pres had an alternative energy plan in mind after all?

Don't bet on it. Daddy may have been able to make all of George's problems go away but the world doesn't work like that. Poor George, he's just now discovering this.

We, American taxpayers, the mothers and fathers of America's service women and men in Iraq, and the unemployed millions currently unable to provide for their families, we have become daddy and the give-me-buy-me-take-me crowd has become George.

It has become our responsibility to get little Georgie and his constituency out of this big mess he's gotten himself into. It is our blood that is being spilled, our present and future economic security that is being squandered, and our dignity as a nation that is being besmirched.

Spoiled children are accustom to getting whatever they want and in order to maintain the lifestyle to which they consider themselves entitled the instant gratification crowd required petroleum; lots of petroleum, cheap.

So the Bush league flimflams the American people relying upon the predilection of the religious conservative to hate n in this case Saddam Hussein but anyone will do: homosexuals, Commies, Clinton, Jews, blacks, Mexicans n and the acquiescent malleability of the insatiable herd.

Much to Georgie's surprise and perhaps for the first time in his life his surrogate daddy, us, is saying, "You've got to stop making up one unbelievable story after another to justify your irresponsible behavior, George. Your handlers, your surrogate nannies, may encourage you to delight in a life of carefree fancy but we are grown ups. We see your endless, relentless fabrications for what they are: hooey."

Sadly, just this morning there were reports that Saddam Hussein, that bogeyman, that devil incarnate, looms. No doubt this will fan the flames of hatred among Bush's religious supporters and may cause his support to briefly spike.

But the rest of us, the thinkers, see the Bush league for what it is.

R.H. Joseph is a longtime employee of the News Daily. His column appears on Wednesdays. He may be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 252, or by e-mail at rjoseph@news-daily.com.