Animal Control report


Clayton County Animal Control is a taxpayer-funded department of Clayton County Government. Its purpose is to protect the health and well-being of the citizens of Clayton County by controlling the stray animal population, and to provide a facility to house and regrettably dispose of unwanted pets and other animals. The statistics below are staggering. We are urging you, the citizens of Clayton County, to spay or neuter your dogs and cats, and to adhere to the animal control ordinances of Clayton County, confining your dogs to your home, fenced yards, and walking your pet on a leash.

Sept. 2003 Year-to-Date

Dogs/Puppies destroyed 274 2522

Cats/kittens destroyed 228 1587

Total Number of companion animals destroyed to date: 4,109

Please make an informed decision before adopting or purchasing a pet, and teach your children kindness and compassion.

Sponsored by the Clayton County Humane Society, Creature Teachers, Inc., Clayton County Animal Control, and the Clayton County Animal Control Board.