News for Tuesday, October 21, 2003


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With sisters like mine, life's a beach - Diane Wagner

I didn't believe it but, this weekend, I saw the tape.

You've got to pay the piper - R.H. Joseph

Following Schwarzenegger's election many appear suddenly cognizant of the moral relativism of conservatives. Regular readers of this column are now quietly smiling while the less perceptive discover what they have known for some time.

Are we there yet? - Rob Felt

Empty soda cans rattle against each other under the seat and half a bag of cheese-flavored popcorn spills onto the floorboard of the minivan. Wheat fields blur past the window a mile a minute and telephone poles tick the slow pace of time like a traveler's metronome. Magnetic checkers have lost their charm and the batteries are dead in the Gameboy. There are neck cramps and the sticky halitosis of a snack food diet makes small talk quite avoidable. The question is coming. Are we there yet?

International businesses honored at luncheon

By Ed Brock

Simmons to coach final game tonight

By Jeffery Armstrong

Money can't buy love - maybe just a card? - Clay Wilson

Another area newspaper recently ran a column on how telemarketers aren't evil.

Longing for a place to drink java - Greg Gelpi

What is there to do here?

Phillip Harry Cahoon

Phillip Harry Cahoon, 39, of Jonesboro, passed away Saturday, Oct. 18, 2003.

A few thoughts on addiction - Bob Paslay

I have been thinking lately about wasted lives. The Freddie Fender song about "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" has been running through my head.

Writing columns is easy - a few paragraphs about Radiohead - Zach Porter

I'm sitting here reading the bold black letters over and over again: "Your home is at risk if you do not keep up with everyone else." The line is such an amusing non-sequitur and it tickles me more with every read. Is it a note from the bank, the creditors, a nasty surprise in the mailbox? No, don't be alarmed, it's just my brand new official Radiohead anorak (or rain slicker if you like), that I purchased at their concert at HiFi Buys Ampitheatre one week ago. This bright yellow anorak (or windbreaker if you prefer), is the memento I have left to cherish my favorite musical group in the whole wide world and their incredible concert event that is already fading into hazy shades of gray.

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Chamber to host awards luncheon


Undefeated Lady Cards win area title

By Anthony Rhoads

Boy, 12, is still suspect in death

By Ed Brock

Area's lakes, roads being trashed

By Greg Gelpi

Late mayor's name flies on airport title

By Greg Gelpi

Police officers to be awarded

By Ed Brock

What do you do? Bear with me - Ed Brock

You're alone in a room, a grizzly bear enters and the only door swings shut behind it.