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Southern matters of life and death - Clay Wilson

There are many things I like about living in the South. The laid-back pace, the general friendliness of the people, the food, the funerals.

Some parting shots before leaving - Trina Trice

I'm leaving. I'm still not sure ultimately where I'm going, but I'm leaving the newspaper business for sure.

A bad southern football season - April Avison

I don't care about football.

A few gripes about the California recall - Bob Paslay

Let me say up-front I do not care who wins the California governor's race. Two issues do gripe me a little that I will dispose of before I get to my big gripe that has more national implications.

Last Week's Poll

Question: Do you think things are going well in Iraq?

Let's watch our tone ... mmkay - Rob Felt

Civility has come to a screeching halt in America.

Veterans remember late general

By Ed Brock

Limbaugh can't limbo controversy

By Doug Gorman

Wal-Mart gives grant to local law enforcement

By Ed Brock

Bulldogs get boost from brotherly love

By Doug Gorman

Elections board elects officers

By Greg Gelpi

My kingdom for a horse - R.H. Joseph

To quote Marlon Brando's character in "Apocalypse Now," "The horror! The horror!"

Atlanta police officer hurt in car accident

By Ed Brock

Hands off that free speech - Ed Brock

OK, people, take your hands off the free speech button.

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Power workers return from Isabel recovery

By Greg Gelpi

Weaving and bobbing into Jonesboro - Greg Gelpi

Chugging along in a whale of a 15-foot moving truck towing my itty bitty economy car, my stomach twisted and turned inside me at the mere thought of the massive city that lay before me.

Do your part to help out local schools - Tamara Boatwright

They had a little bit of everything. One woman was selling racing memorabilia and T-shirts emblazoned with Nathan Bedford Forrest's photo, another was selling baby clothes while another sold toys and trinkets. In the cool dawn they went about their tasks setting up tables, unpacking boxes and making sure their wares were displayed properly.

Dunivin living life to fullest

By Greg Gelpi

Unbeaten Wildcats expecting tough game

By Anthony Rhoads


October 3, 2003

Here is a game we can't win - Diane Wagner

I'm intrigued by a game I heard on the radio this weekend where contestants try to determine which of three news stories is true.

Inman Methodist hosting guest speaker

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