Jackson in Riverdale mayor's race

By Greg Gelpi

Kelley Jackson, the public information officer for Forest Park, is running for mayor of Riverdale.

She, along with Phaedra Graham and Sherri Jefferson are attempting to unseat Mary Lee, who has served as mayor since 1990.

"I am the most formidable candidate," Jackson said. "I understand how government works inside and out."

Jackson brings "passion for public service" and vision for the changing climate, she said.

Citing problems with the current administration, Jackson is campaigning for change.

"In order to fix it, you must get rid of the problem," she said, adding that the "landscape" of Riverdale has changed and that the city has more young people now.

Jackson also works as a speechwriter.

In Wednesday's News Daily article previewing the Riverdale election, Jackson was left out.

Also up for election is Ward Four's City Council spot. Kenny Ruffin is running against incumbent Robby Strain.

No one is running against Ward Two City Council member Michelle Bruce.