Woman charged in animal cruelty case

By Ed Brock

A Clayton County Animal Control officer found a decaying dog carcass still tied to a post just a few feet from another dog that was malnourished and pregnant.

The owner of both dogs, 24-year-old Deshjanava Hollister of Hampton, has been charged with animal cruelty and violation of county codes regarding treatment of animals in connection with the case.

Officer Tiffany Phillips went to Hollister's home on Mallard Drive around 2:15 p.m. Thursday after a neighbor called about the smell from the dead dog. She found a light brown American pit bull terrier in an advanced state of decay tied with a leash to the back deck.

A black female pit bull was tied up nearby with no shelter or water and with only spoiled table food to eat. The dog was so malnourished that her ribs, spine and pelvic bones were visible, and the dog was also pregnant.

Hollister could not explain how the one dog had died or why she had not removed it. She also couldn't explain why the remaining dog was so thin.

Phillips found a third dog chained to a bush in front of the house but that dog had water and looked healthy. Because it didn't have shelter Phillips cited the owner of that dog, Auviiya Phillips, 24, of the same address with prohibited treatment under the county ordinance.

Auviiya Phillips was allowed to keep her dog but Hollister's dog was taken to Clayton County Animal Control where it will be held until she goes to trial on the charges.

"I am requesting that Ms. Hollister not be allowed to pay the citations off before the court date and be made to appear in court for just punishment," Phillips wrote in her report.

Neither woman was arrested.

Upon arrival at a veterinarian's office the surviving dog completely drank two 20-ounce bowls of water. As Phillips was removing the dog from the property two other women who were driving by stopped to thank her for taking the dog out of the conditions in which it had been living.