Hartsfield name change gets mixed reviews

By Ed Brock

Something should definitely be named after former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson, Linston Rickord of Jonesboro said.

"But I don't think (Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport) is what they should name after him since that's already been named in honor of somebody else," Rickord said.

However, Atlanta City Councilman Derrick Boazman seems to think otherwise and on Monday presented a personal paper to the council requesting that the airport in its entirety be named after former Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson who died June 23, council Communications Director Dexter Chambers said.

And at the council's next meeting on Oct. 6 Councilman C.T. Martin is expected to present a paper proposing that the name be hyphenated to honor both Jackson and former Mayor William B. Hartsfield, Chambers said. Also, Boazman planned to present another paper suggesting that, if the council doesn't name the whole airport after Jackson they should name the airport's proposed East International Terminal after the former mayor.

"The mayor's advisory committee recommended naming the international terminal after Mr. Jackson," Chambers said.

All of the papers will be submitted to a committee for debate, Chambers said, and the council may make a decision later next month.

"For whatever paper survives the committee Oct. 20 is probably when they'll vote on it," Chambers said.

Renaming the new terminal after Jackson had some support with Clayton County resident James Thomas of Rex.

"Everybody knows Hartsfield, I think that's been established, so let's name something new for him and then that can be established," Thomas said.

But Zena Simpson of Forest Park would like to see Jackson's name on the entire airport.

"He's the reason it's as prosperous as it is," Simpson said.

Renaming the airport would continue a bad trend of renaming landmarks in Atlanta, Asa Holland of Jonesboro said.

"I think Atlanta is throwing away its history," Holland said.