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Showing the symptons of aging - April Avison

My husband will celebrate his 28th birthday in a couple of weeks, and I'm not far behind him. We've come to realize that we've reached an official turning point in our lives. We're "pushing 30."

Should athletes be paid?

By Anthony Rhoads

Last Week's Poll

Question: Do you think things are going well in Iraq?

Local teen learning game from the pros

By Doug Gorman

Some parting shots before leaving - Trina Trice

I'm leaving. I'm still not sure ultimately where I'm going, but I'm leaving the newspaper business for sure.

Zen and the art of story lines - Rob Felt

Maybe if I concentrate hard enough I can make a laser shoot out of my eyes at this woman's head. This is what I'm thinking in the customer service line at the grocery store. Nine years ago I got in line behind this woman and now she's made best friends with the cashier and they're taking turns reading from the Magna Carta. People should try being a little less friendly in the interest of efficiency.

Krispy Kreme is back!

By Ed Brock

Where's my culture shirt? - Ed Brock

The man had a uniform on and he told me to get in line with everybody else.

Worshipping the boob tube - R.H. Joseph

Typical of a medium that panders to the broadest possible demographic with lowest common denominator material, the new television season is loaded with shows about a benevolent deity solving personal problems.

Legal Corner: Should your business be incorporated?

By Everett Mechem

Hoping for win, place or show in election - Bob Paslay

I have no idea who is going to win the presidential election in 14 months.

Recruiter: Air Force allows independence

By Michael Davis

We've hocked education, now what else have we got? - Diane Wagner

There is undoubtedly some uneasiness arising out of the Bush Administration's request for $87 billion to help rebuild Iraq, but there is one thing people seem to have forgotten.

Police search for missing Pate's Creek schoolboy

By Diane Wagner

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Kidnapping suspect not fighting extradition

By Ed Brock

Heartbreaker: Lady Cards fall to Eagle's Landing 1-0

By Jeffery Armstrong

A few words on ... well, words - Clay Wilson

Words are ubiquitous. Journalism experts would say one shouldn't use a word like ubiquitous in a column, because we are supposed to write to an eighth-grade reading level n and how many eighth graders know what ubiquitous means?


September 24, 2003

Residents support U.S. role in Iraq

By Michael Davis