Kidnapping suspect not fighting extradition

By Ed Brock

A man accused of kidnapping his 3-year-old stepdaughter from her Clayton County home and taking her to Chicago has been arrested and is awaiting extradition.

Efran Romero Esiquio, 22, is charged with taking Angelica Gomez of Riverdale over the Labor Day weekend to her maternal grandmother. On Friday, Chicago police arrested Esiquio and he later waived a hearing on extraditing him back to Clayton County, Clayton County Sheriff Stanley Tuggle said.

"We have until Oct. 2 to pick him up," Tuggle said.

Tuggle said he would not say exactly when Esiquio would be brought back to face charges of kidnapping and criminal trespassing.

Around 8 p.m. on Aug. 30 Graciela Gomez came home to the trailer where all three lived in Riverdale and found a note from Esiquio stating that he was going to "make her life miserable," Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said. He later called and asked her for money for bus fare to Chicago for the girl and himself, but the mother refused.

Esiquio did go to Chicago and once there left the girl with her grandmother who then contacted the girl's biological father.

Police had been called to the trailer of Gomez and Esiquio twice in August in response to supposed incidents of domestic violence in which Esiquio was listed as the primary aggressor.

"She alleged he struck her in the face several times," Turner said.

Police issued an AMBER Alert after Angelica was reported missing. Administered by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response plan is a nationwide network that is intended to use the media and law enforcement sources to get out information on missing children soon after they are taken.

Turner had several tips for avoiding child abductions. Parents should know where their children are and should know who is looking after them while the parents are at work. They should also keep up-to-date records on the child's height, weight and other information, and they should keep some of the child's hair and fingerprints on file.