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Hands on Atlanta set for Saturday

By Michael Davis

State champion: Dilbeck wins Legends Pro title

By Anthony Rhoads

Fall season encourages multiple feelings - Clay Wilson

Fall is an ambiguous season. I just realized that on Monday. I don't know why it never hit me before; but I guess it was a timely realization, since yesterday was the official beginning of fall.

A bad southern football season - April Avison

I don't care about football.

Some parting shots before leaving - Trina Trice

I'm leaving. I'm still not sure ultimately where I'm going, but I'm leaving the newspaper business for sure.

Last Week's Poll

Question: Do you think things are going well in Iraq?

Hands off that free speech - Ed Brock

OK, people, take your hands off the free speech button.

Standing the test of time - Bob Paslay

I'm standing in the Borders book store and I am going from featured CD to featured CD, listening to the music. I always thought that would make a good commercial if you had someone going crazy dancing to the music with his headphones on while an ever larger gathering crowd of customers stares. The person could open his eyes to find hundreds smirking. I try not to do too much movement as I am in my cocoon world but sometimes it's hard when you have the volume cranked and have your eyes closed. Music can make you forget where you are and often does.

School quiet on ?Columbine' threat

By Michael Davis

Elections board gears up for work

By Greg Gelpi

State officials gather to learn more about terrorism

By Greg Gelpi

Jonesboro takes on ELHS today

From staff reports

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Waltrip, Jones testing at AMS

From staff reports

Do your part to help out local schools - Tamara Boatwright

They had a little bit of everything. One woman was selling racing memorabilia and T-shirts emblazoned with Nathan Bedford Forrest's photo, another was selling baby clothes while another sold toys and trinkets. In the cool dawn they went about their tasks setting up tables, unpacking boxes and making sure their wares were displayed properly.

Can't live without my laptop - Rob Felt

The door to the office closed and I immediately went into a cold sweat and got the shakes. Something wasn't right. I looked around the familiar surroundings checking off a mental laundry list. Check, check, check? it hit me. I had forgotten it. It was the first time in a year and a half of our beautiful symbiotic relationship. My laptop.

Governor announces SAT program



September 30, 2003

CCSU men, women try to bounce back from losses

From staff reports

Here is a game we can't win - Diane Wagner

I'm intrigued by a game I heard on the radio this weekend where contestants try to determine which of three news stories is true.

Worshipping the boob tube - R.H. Joseph

Typical of a medium that panders to the broadest possible demographic with lowest common denominator material, the new television season is loaded with shows about a benevolent deity solving personal problems.