News for Tuesday, September 9, 2003


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There's a star kid in all of us - Trina Trice

A poor, Canadian teenager's dirty little secret has been making the rounds on the Internet.

Media kiss good sense (and taste) goodbye - Clay Wilson

Sometimes it's almost easy for me to see why other countries hate the U.S.

For sale: Simple (minded) fix - Diane Wagner

I don't envy the U.S. Supreme Court its position as the ultimate authority on the McCain-Feingold Act, because whatever it decides will likely be wrong or useless.

Free will is not really free - Ed Brock

I was almost Eric Rudolph but I would never have been Paul Hill.

A Marine at the gates of heaven

By Ed Brock

Make your home a stimulating place - R.H. Joseph

Regular readers know me to be a humble man. Nevertheless, self-effacing though I may be, I'd like to take this historically significant moment, when Georgia once again ranks below even Mississippi and Alabama on the SAT scores, to speak directly to those who tell me I use too many big words.

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Question: Do you have plans to commemorate Sept. 11?

Riggs tests at AMS

From Staff Reports

Jonesboro hopes to county title

By Anthohy Rhoads and Jeffery Armstrong

Police seek man in double homicide

By Ed Brock

BBC comes to Jonesboro for ?Gone With the Wind' segment

By Trina Trice

Area residents generally support Bush's request

By Trina Trice

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Leaping into a quarter-life crisis - Rob Felt

Morgan carefully nestled his gin and canned-mandarin-orange-syrup cocktail down in the wet mulch. Watching in mock horror, Mike and I saw him stumble toward the swing set, take a seat, and prepare seriously to attempt what we had only jokingly goaded him into trying. I took a nervous look around my apartment complex for anyone peering out their window wondering what a bunch of drunk 20-somethings were doing in the middle of the night on the playground. Kicking awkwardly with a determined look on his face he got the swing going about seven or eight feet off the ground before he let go.

Another one bites the dust - April Avison

Journalists have always been thoroughly interested in other people's lives and I'll admit I enjoy my share of gossip.

Call me a strict consternationist - Bob Paslay

Some of my friends are strict constitutionalists and I applaud their zeal. But for me, I am a strict consternationist

Marcia Garrison keeps on trucking

By Clay Wilson

Board sets search timeline

By Trina Trice


September 9, 2003

Theme-park ride ends with subdivisions

By Diane Wagner