Shooting sends two to hospital

By Ed Brock

Two men were hospitalized after a shooting between two cars.

David Brock, 21, of Jonesboro and Ronald Hornsby, 26, of Atlanta were injured in the shooting that occurred around midnight Monday on Huntington Drive, according to Clayton County police Officer Darryl Shoemaker.

Joshua Moody, 25, Tony Sem, 17, and Somchai Souvanlapham, 17, all of Jonesboro, were charged with aggravated assault in connection with the shooting.

Shoemaker went to the scene of the shooting after a report of shots being fired and a resident of Huntington Drive called 911 to report that a dark-colored Honda Accord had run into her mailbox. He stopped a champagne colored Honda in which Moody, Sem and Souvanlapham were passengers and found several guns in the car. The driver of the Honda was not charged.

While he was searching the car Shoemaker learned that the victims had gone to Southern Regional Medical Center and were being treated for gunshot wounds.

Under questioning by Shoemaker Sem said that he was at Moody's house earlier that evening when they saw a white Honda Accord drive by the house, but Sem said he did not pay much attention to it. Later they went for a ride in the champagne Honda and on Huntington Drive they passed the same white Honda at which time Sem heard gunshots.

Sem told Shoemaker that the white Honda made a U-turn, hit the back of the other Honda and forced it into the mailbox. Sem also said he fired his gun, a 10-mm. Glock, at the white Honda several times before getting out of the car and running away along with the other passengers in the champagne Honda.

At the hospital, Brock told another Clayton County police officer that Moody and an Asian male had shot him.