News for Tuesday, April 13, 2004


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Springtime for the Mudville Nine - Michael Davis

No. I'm not flailing headlong into another column based on the weather. Not that there should be anything wrong with that – right?

Summer is a real roller coaster - Kathy Jefcoats

I had no idea how much school being in session impacts my commute to work until last week when classes were out for spring break. As my readers know, I drive back and forth to Henry from Fayette County every day. The two-lane Jonesboro Road is not a bad drive but I really got spoiled last week. I can't wait for summer.

Video game skills pay off big - Rob Felt

I knew it! Even as a small child, planted three feet in front of a 19-inch television screen with an Atari joystick gripped in my hands, I could sense the impending force and undeniable significance of video games.

Attempting to define freedom - R.H. Joseph

The situation in Iraq is becoming increasingly interesting and that ain't good.

Do your part to spruce up Henry - April Avison

Most of us have some spring cleaning we need to do anyway – now the perfect incentive is available.

Dog attack victim had been reported missing

By Ed Brock

9/11 commission serves important purpose - Billy Corriher

The Bush administration released a classified daily intelligence briefing on Saturday that warned President Bush of the threat al-Qaida posed to America a month before Sept. 11, 2001. The briefing warned that the terrorist network had a support system in America for its operatives and that the FBI had detected suspicious activity that might involve a hijacking plot, according to the Associated Press.

Rain wreaks havoc for Bulldogs

By Doug Gorman

An ode to delineated space - Ed Brock

There's something deeply satisfying about building a fence.

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Board members demand answers

By Greg Gelpi

Riverdale resident scolds council members

By Ed Brock

Morrow doctor charged with felony

By Ed Brock


April 14, 2004

Iraq: Vietnam of Bush administration - Bob Paslay

When Ted Kennedy said the other day that Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, it was kind of ironic since it was Kennedy's older brother who got us involved in that Asian disaster.

Defecating on the judicial system - Greg Gelpi

Just drop your pants and start defecating all over the place.

Retailers sense economic upswing

By Greg Gelpi

?Babies Can't Wait' for help

By Ed Brock

School committee revisits budget

By Greg Gelpi