Morrow doctor charged with felony

By Ed Brock

A Morrow doctor arrested on April 2 on charges that he fondled one of his patients and videotaped her exercising naked in his office is now charged with a felony.

After reviewing the evidence against 44-year-old Dr. Asutoh Vyas, director of the Atlanta Pain Clinic on Corporate Center Drive, Morrow police charged him Monday with eavesdropping, Morrow Police Department Capt. Richard Murphy said.

"We made sure to get a felony," Murphy said.

Vyas is still charged with sexual battery, a misdemeanor, and had been released on $5,500 bail. He was expected to turn himself in to police on Monday evening.

The victim, a 41-year-old Stockbridge woman, claimed that Vyas had fondled her breasts and genitals and secretly videotaped her. Police said the woman claimed Vyas taped her while she was performing exercises nude in one of the clinic's examination rooms. She told police that "this was the first time in all the years she has been seeing the doctor that she was asked to perform these exercises, or had ever been examined while completely nude."

According to police, they conducted a search of the exam room with Vyas' consent and found a wireless camera system and a VCR/TV combination. Investigators checked a tape in the VCR and verified the woman's allegations.

Police also obtained warrants for the clinic and Vyas' McDonough home and confiscated several videotapes and computer disks.

Investigators believe Vyas may have been involved in a similar incident about a year ago, but the case was suspended due to a lack of evidence. No other patients have yet been seen on the tapes and computer disks taken from Vyas.

Investigators from the Composite State Board of Medical Examiners Office are working with Morrow police to determine if Vyas' license to practice medicine should be suspended, Murphy said.