Animal Control officer enters plea in dog beating

By Ed Brock

A Clayton County Animal Control officer accused of severely beating a dog at the county's dog pound has pleaded not guilty to charges of animal cruelty.

Allen Densley, 50, of Stockbridge, a 23-year veteran of Animal Control, entered the plea in Clayton County State Court on Monday, said the county's Solicitor General Keith Martin. Densley's trial has been scheduled for June 9.

In February Clayton County Humane Society Vice President Robin Rawls said she saw Densley beating a pit bull terrier with a catch pole in a pen at the animal control kennels in Jonesboro. A catch pole is a long metal pole with a noose at one end used to capture animals.

The dog was not known to be aggressive and when Rawls confronted Densley he only said that he was moving the dog and then walked away.

The dog, which was scheduled to be killed the next day, suffered injuries to his head and face and was taken to Three Counties Animal Hospital in Riverdale for treatment. It was later adopted.

During the police investigation Densley denied beating the dog but resigned later that month.