Principal reprimanded for failure to report student rape claim

By Greg Gelpi

A Clayton County principal was reprimanded for failing to report a student complaint of being raped.

Clayton County schools Superintendent Barbara Pulliam said she met with staff and reviewed policies and procedures before reprimanding Babb Middle School Principal Susan Patrick.

A Forest Park High School student, who had gone to Babb Middle, reportedly told Babb Assistant Principal Derrick Thomas that she had been raped, but then recanted and said she was joking. He made Patrick aware of the situation, but she didn't report the incident.

"We can't make any judgment about it," Pulliam said. "The law requires that we report. We have a system in place that supports (reporting)."

She said that she will remind principals of their legal responsibilities to report any complaints of abuse or assault.

Pulliam, who became superintendent in February, met with staff in March after learning of the November incident. She said she doesn't expect to reprimand anyone else in connection with the incident.