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Tackling a garden for the first time - Kathy Jefcoats

Have I mentioned I am from St. Louis? Well, I am and my husband and his family are from Mississippi, unquestionably the South, as is Georgia. Missouri, as I learned in elementary school, was a divided state, loyal neither to the Union nor the Confederacy. That was quite the different story when I moved to Macon in the 1970s.

This guy must be Superman - Billy Corriher

The entire group of volunteers and law enforcement officer who were conducting a massive manhunt for a missing Wisconsin college student and her abductor found out last week that they were duped.

Making strides in the classroom - April Avison

Just about everybody can think of a teacher who changed their life. We all remember that teacher who made us feel special or encouraged us to follow a dream.

Principal charged with child molestation

By Kathy Jefcoats

Reaves doctor pleads not guilty

By Kathy Jefcoats

A dog eat dog world

By Jeffery Armstrong

Choked by the chains of my life - Zach Porter

You should see me walking around with my camera bag and laptop case, like the ghost of Jacob Marley, these and other items weighing me down as I struggle with an already occupied hand to find a key to the door. Like poor Jacob and the chains of his life, I'm being overtaken by inanimate objects, what you might call "stuff." The stuff, whatever it may be, is meant to fill in the voids of my life, distraction for the time I would spend contemplating life's unanswerable questions.

May victory be found in death? - R.H. Joseph

Sunday was Holocaust Remembrance Day and Monday I awoke to news that Palestinians promise 100 reprisals for the assassination of a Hamas leader.

Riverdale tries to stay on track at region meet

From staff reports

Magnitude of win surprise to ace

From staff reports

Area church holding Unity Walk/Run

Compiled by Greg Gelpi

All is fair in war, right? - Ed Brock

During a recent heated debate in the newsroom, one of my colleagues asked me if I considered President Bush to be a war criminal.

Is that the sound of a bird? - Bob Paslay

The news the other day that one-fourth of Clayton County is already covered in concrete or asphalt got me to thinking as Earth Day passed quietly.

Cell phone tower disguised as tree

By Ed Brock

From concept to doorstep, paper requires lots of work - Tamara Boatwright

We all walked around here Tuesday like beat yard dogs. Our tails were firmly tucked between our legs, our heads hung low and our backs were hunched.

Finding peace atop the mountains - Greg Gelpi

Boundless mountain wilderness ahead and nearly as much concrete jungle behind, my vacation journey began.

Memory ?hammers' home

By Doug Gorman

Committee pushes Aquatic Center closer to reality

By Greg Gelpi

?You've got to have hope'

By Billy Corriher


April 23, 2004

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SPLOST projects to move forward

By Billy Corriher