News for Wednesday, April 28, 2004


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Ah, so crime does pay! - Ed Brock

Law, like all aspects of human behavior, is arbitrary.

Getting locked out is not fun - Kathy Jefcoats

I got locked out of my house Thursday night. When my husband and I moved into our apartment, we didn't like the doorknob situation so we replaced it. We always just use the lock on the door handle, although there is a bolt that requires the use of a key still located above it.

My introduction to WWII weaponry - Rob Felt

There were three of them. Decades old grease oozed up from between their barrels and the battered wooden stocks, smelling of something I couldn't quite relate to but was immediately fascinated with. They were Russian rifles – M44s – stamped with a hammer and sickle, complete with retractable bayonets and dated 1945.

Facing a big dilemma in Baghdad - Billy Corriher

In 66 days, the Bush administration will roll the dice on what could be the biggest gamble yet in the president's war in Iraq. The administration is hoping to hand over power to an Iraqi governing coalition on June 30, even as fighting in the war-torn country shows no signs of stopping.

A few notes from LA-LA land - Clay Wilson

From the window of the jetliner, the land looked like an electric garden.

Donald Trump's got nothin' on us - April Avison

We were split into four teams and given a deadline of April 24. The community was depending on us. The task: find a few dozen meaningful projects in need of service – construction work, beautification, maintenance. Find at least 500 volunteers willing to execute the work. A limited budget is available, so materials such as paint and lumber will need to be donated. It must be the best Hands on Henry in its six-year history.

LPGA tour on the way

By Michael Davis

Panthers given the Gate

By Anthony Rhoads

From concept to doorstep, paper requires lots of work - Tamara Boatwright

We all walked around here Tuesday like beat yard dogs. Our tails were firmly tucked between our legs, our heads hung low and our backs were hunched.

School Notebook

Compiled by Greg Gelpi

Accident victim's family sues

By Ed Brock

Choked by the chains of my life - Zach Porter

You should see me walking around with my camera bag and laptop case, like the ghost of Jacob Marley, these and other items weighing me down as I struggle with an already occupied hand to find a key to the door. Like poor Jacob and the chains of his life, I'm being overtaken by inanimate objects, what you might call "stuff." The stuff, whatever it may be, is meant to fill in the voids of my life, distraction for the time I would spend contemplating life's unanswerable questions.

Henry eases past Morrow

By Doug Gorman

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Is that the sound of a bird? - Bob Paslay

The news the other day that one-fourth of Clayton County is already covered in concrete or asphalt got me to thinking as Earth Day passed quietly.

School board incumbents, challengers file

By Billy Corriher

Remembering two honest MLB players

By Anthony Rhoads

Finding peace atop the mountains - Greg Gelpi

Boundless mountain wilderness ahead and nearly as much concrete jungle behind, my vacation journey began.

Candidates look to fill vacant House seat

By Billy Corriher