News for Saturday, April 3, 2004


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Airline employee assaulted

By Ed Brock

Burn ban goes into effect May 1

By Kathy Jefcoats

Landmark decision is reversed on appeal

By Michael Davis

Don't make me watch American Idol - Billy Corriher

Top-selling R&B singer R. Kelly had some of the child pornography charges brought against him dropped recently because of a judge's ruling that evidence was seized illegally.

First Lady campaigns for kids

By Michael Davis

A lesson in journalistic ethics - April Avison

One of my favorite conversation topics among my journalist friends and colleagues is that of media ethics.

A cure for America's ailments - R.H. Joseph

Offended that some readers perceive me to be politically biased, I'm writing this column to aid Republicans.

Paula Elise Cheek


The $16 billion question

By Michael Davis

Time to make the right call - Ed Brock

Well, before Sept. 11 I never imagined that terrorists would hijack four commercial jet airliners and crash three of them into a pair of national landmarks, either.

Buzzing with excitement

By Billy Corriher

Counselor with bogus degree remains on staff

By Greg Gelpi

Neighborly outing goes White's way

By Anthony Rhoads

Stomping on Europeans 'cause we can - Bob Paslay

Forgive me because I just got back from nine days in Europe, watching their newscasts, and so it will take me a few days to come back to our side vs. theirs.

CCSU tennis team gets impressive win

From staff reports

Horrific images can cloud judgment - Rob Felt

The link on the news Web site read "**Warning: Graphic Photos** Iraqis mutilate burnt body; hang from bridge," so, of course, it got clicked.

Forest Park produces against North Clayton

By Jeffery Armstrong

Democracy rejected in one word - Greg Gelpi

A one-syllable word could have been the passport to democracy, but they declined.

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Fortune's forgotten Chinese cookie - Michael Davis

I'm not a really superstitious guy. I don't go to fortune-tellers, I don't look into crystal balls and the only thing you might read on my palm is a phone number. Quite frankly, I'm afraid of beads and incense and oversized playing cards.

Time to ?spring forward'

By Ed Brock

Assembly puts brakes on discipline problems

By Greg Gelpi