Man with two guns robs Morrow nail salon

By Ed Brock

A man packing two pistols robbed a Morrow nail salon, firing one round in the process.

Terry Lamar Grier, 43, of Atlanta was arrested following the incident and charged with robbery, aggravated assault and obstruction of an officer, Morrow Police Chief Charlie Sewell said.

Around 9:45 p.m. Friday a man with two guns entered Queen's Nails at 1440 Mt. Zion Road and demanded money.

"When told there was no money he discharged a round into the floor," Sewell said.

A customer in the store called 911 on a cell phone and Morrow Police Sgt. Douglas Hathaway responded. When he arrived at the scene Hathaway confronted the suspect as he was leaving the store and, after seeing a pistol protruding from the suspect's pocket, Hathaway engaged the suspect in a brief physical struggle during which that gun was knocked to the ground.

The suspect ran, pursued by Hathaway, and when Morrow Officer Rick Meehan joined the pursuit Hathaway and he were able to take Grier into custody.

On Saturday members of the city's Citizens Emergency Response Team searched a heavily overgrown lot behind the Outback Steakhouse on Mt. Zion Road and found the second gun there.