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D'oh nuts! for doughnuts - Rob Felt

Not the Krispy Kreme fried cakes, Skippy, spare tires.

Cell phones: Corporate crack - Greg Gelpi

Imprisoned by a cell phone? I am too, and so is my roommate and my neighbor, the 2-year-old down the street and?

Election results not expected to change

By Greg Gelpi

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The dying art of arguing - Bob Paslay

We had a newsroom discussion the other day about whether Bill Clinton's infidelity to Hillary was a character flaw that spilled over into his public life. One reporter was arguing this and several of us said history shows that strongly driven leaders, like former presidents, have had these extramarital encounters and have not shown any sign of it bleeding over into the way they purport themselves.

Pets of the Week

Phoebe was born at the Clayton County Humane Society on March 23, 2004. She is a black and white domestic shorthair. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Phoebe is the last remaining kitten from her litter, as her sister has recently been adopted. Being hand-raised by Humane Society staff, she is a sweet, human-oriented kitten. For adoption information call the Humane Society at (770) 471-9436.

Sex & drugs: the athlete's kryptonite

By Jeffery Armstrong

C-TRAN could lend hand to soldiers

By Justin Boron

Five honored with Golden Spatula

By Greg Gelpi

Taking a look inside People magazine - Kathy Jefcoats

I am addicted to People magazine. From the time I was about 13 or 14, I spent first allowance, then baby-sitting then waitressing money on a copy of the magazine. When I got married, I continued buying it, for richer or poorer, no matter how much money I had at the time. Like I said, it's an addiction. I know so much trivia about people I will never meet it's ridiculous but I can't stay away. I don't smoke, shop a lot or do drugs so it is a vice my husband will have to deal with.

No free rides? Says who? - Zach Porter

Just the other day, I flew on an airplane for free, courtesy of an airline to report on a story. Not only was it free but I got to take a brief tour of the cockpit with the aviation students I was following for the story. This was a rare opportunity post 9/11 and certainly something most people never get to do. The view was a letdown though, as it was very cloudy below us, blocking a view of the landscape and the sun beamed in from one side, blinding me from the view to my right. Nevertheless, riding in the cockpit of a huge airplane was more fun than you're having at the office cubicle, your little station with self-help pinups, as the world waits outside.

Seniors set tone at Mt. Vernon

By Doug Gorman

The mystery of ?dead' letter rooms - Michael Davis

Do you ever wonder what happens to the mail that people say they sent but you never received? Does it end up in a crevasse somewhere in a post office? Crumpled in the bottom of the postman's bag? Not hardly.

Strange happenings in 52nd state - Ed Brock

My, my, but things sure are taking a strange turn over in the 52nd state of the union.


August 12, 2004