D'oh nuts! for doughnuts - Rob Felt

Not the Krispy Kreme fried cakes, Skippy, spare tires.

What's more aggravating than being stuck on the side of the road, changing a flat tire? Running on your rubber doughnut for so long that you have to buy a new one.

To make matters worse, it's nearly impossible to do so.

Dealers don't stock them, tire stores don't stock them, but salvage yards and used parts resellers do. That means you have to call around and find the spare for your car, if you can, then drive out to the junkyard (sorry, scrapyard) and pay up for ability to do it all over again if you have to.

Loser's insurance.

The price of an extra doughnut isn't too steep – it's about $35, but everyone I called recommended that I opt for a cheep wheel and tire combination, which would be safer to drive on in the event of another flat, and would run me closer to $100.

On top of the price of the new wheel that goes on my car, they want me to drop another hundred on the new wheel that goes in my car.

I won't – no? can't allow myself to do this.

My next flat tire experience may be just around the corner, but running on that well-worn doughnut will be an adventure I'll have to endure. I don't care if that brittle rubber ring shoots off its tiny, inadequate wheel while I'm doing 85 mph on the downtown connector.

Those sparks that fly from underneath my car will be like victorious fireworks in celebration on my independence. Bring it on!

(I don't advocate speeding or reckless driving.)

Car dealerships that offer free tires for the life of you car are really on to something. I don't want to worry about my tires, I just want them to function and leave me alone. The radio in my dash works every time I turn it on, why should the tires be any different?

Gas, oil changes and an occasional wash and vacuum. That's what I'm willing to do. Anybody who offers me the ability to enjoy this laziness might just have my business the next time around.

Rob Felt is the photographer for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at rfelt@henryherald.com .