Teen resists arrest over loose dog

By Ed Brock

An attempt to cite a Jonesboro teenager for a loose dog turned into a fight between the teen and police officers.

Police charged Donny James Waller, 17, of Walt Stephens Road, with obstruction in connection with the incident, according to a report by Clayton County Police Officer Cory Bone. Around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday Bone was called to assist a Clayton County Animal Control officer who was at the house where Waller lives because Waller was apparently refusing to cooperate with the Animal Control officer.

The Animal Control officer had gone to talk to Waller about Waller's dog being loose, at which time Waller refused to give the officer any identification and then walked away from him.

Waller's mother brought him to the door to talk to Bone, but when Bone told him that the Animal Control officer still needed to talk to him Waller said he didn't care and they could take the dog. After asking Waller several times to talk to the Animal Control officer about the dog, with Waller refusing, Bone put his hand on Waller's arm to escort him outside.

Waller jerked away and grabbed Bone's shirt. Bone told Waller he was under arrest and as he tried to handcuff Waller the teen broke away and swung at Bone with a closed fist.

The two struggled, during which Bone hit Waller with his ASP baton, sprayed him with pepper spray and then hit him in the face with a closed fist. Waller continued to resist despite that and after another officer helped Bone to put Waller in custody.

According to Bone's report Waller appeared to be under the influence of a drug and Waller told him he had smoked marijuana that day but nothing else.