Theft suspects elude police

By Ed Brock

Two men bolted after being stopped by police in connection with the theft of a saw and they remain at large.

A Clayton County police detective was on his way home around 8:10 a.m. Thursday when he saw a suspicious man in the parking lot of an auto parts store at Flint River Road and Tara Boulevard, Clayton County Police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

The detective saw the man take a saw from the back of a pickup truck, then get back into another pickup in which two other people were riding, and they drove away. The detective called the incident in and when a uniform vehicle tried to stop the truck on Fayetteville Road near Towngate Road the two white males in the truck ran away.

The remaining passenger, a woman, told police that her car had broken down in a nearby parking lot and the men, whom she only vaguely knew, had been giving her a ride to the auto parts store. She was not charged.

The pickup truck that the men were driving was also stolen, as was the tag on the truck.

Turner said the saw was recovered but the owner had left the auto parts store before it could be returned. They hope the owner will come to the police department to reclaim the saw once he or she realizes the saw was taken.