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Wal-Mart up for final decision in September

By Michael Davis

Worth the wait for ELHS

From staff reports

Painful reverberations from adolescence - Justin Boron

Last Monday, I had my first day at the News-Daily. Strangely, it also was the first day of school for all of the kids in Clayton County.

Stockbridge couple charged with child abuse

By Kathy Jefcoats

Justice at a snail's pace - Bob Paslay

Courtrooms across Georgia and other southern states regularly hold murder trials, and they routinely last a week. But why is it that every trial in California seems to last a lifetime. Is it that celebrity defendants have more ability to stall trials or is it that everything in California takes longer than the South?

State imposes fines on 2003 SPLOST fallout

By Justin Boron

Chauffeuring a colony of ants - Zach Porter

When I went to pick up my car a few weeks ago from the shop I paid the good man, cranked the engine and floored it out of the lot and on down the highway, sun setting behind me and all that. My transmission was fixed and my car shifted down the road with the greatest of ease. I had my car back and I felt like a prisoner freed from his cell. But. And you know there had to be a "but," or a "when all of the sudden" to dampen the mood we had going here thus far. So like I said, I was driving along, (dramatic pause for three seconds here) when all of the sudden I saw the ants. They were all over the car, crawling, colonizing, marching in line, being ants.

The hopelessness of generic foods - Rob Felt

Walking down the long colorful isles of a grocery store, we consumers are faced with countless choices at every turn. Whether it's the 35 types of toothpaste, 18 different boxes of macaroni and cheese or the 20 feet of shelving for cooking oils, we are forced to make considerations before putting anything in our baskets.

Eagles have no ?Love' for Wildcats

By Jeffery Armstrong

I'm afraid - I'm very afraid - Michael Davis

I am afraid. I am afraid of everything they tell me to be afraid of. Frankly, they've made me so afraid, I'm afraid not to be afraid.

Great expectations were fulfilled - April Avison

There are only a precious few moments in one's life in which one gets to do something that is on their unwritten life's to-do list. I got to do one of those things last week. I saw Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan in concert.

Lawrence helps Union Grove to win

By Anthony Rhoads

Henderson leads Henry past Dutchtown

From staff reports

Raiders rebound

By Doug Gorman

William Austin Belle Isle Sr.

William Austin Belle Isle Sr., 89, of Morrow, passed away Friday, Aug. 27, 2004.

Tony Davis

Tony Davis, 42, of Jonesboro, passed away Thursday, Aug. 26, 2004.

Safe dams come at large cost

By Ed Brock

Bush, Kerry: America's best? - Greg Gelpi

Amidst the murkiness of the mud raking and mud slinging of the political infighting, Americans of all political parties can agree on one thing.

Pets of the Week

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Man in khaki robs bank

By Ed Brock

Woman hospitalized after accident

By Ed Brock

Theft suspects elude police

By Ed Brock

Teen resists arrest over loose dog

By Ed Brock

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?Scream'ing on a swift boat to Oslo - Ed Brock

These are surely sad times, ladies and gentlemen.