Student arrested in school gun incident

By Greg Gelpi

A Mundy's Mill High School student fearful of getting attacked by a local gang was arrested Friday for bringing a gun to school.

Clayton County police arrested Antonio Hamm, 18, after an assistant principal received an anonymous tip that the student brought a gun to school, Clayton County police Capt. Jeff Turner said.

Acting on the tip, the principal and school resource officer removed Hamm from class to question him, Turner said. Hamm admitted bringing a gun to school because he heard that the Hit Squad, a local gang, had planned to "jump" him after school Friday.

A loaded .357-caliber Magnum was found inside the student's book sack inside his locker, Turner said.

"His story was that he found the gun in the woods a few years ago and has kept it ever since," Turner said.

Hamm was arrested for bringing a gun on to the school campus and appeared in court for a bond hearing Saturday. Bond was set at $5,600.

"A letter has been prepared and sent home by the school's administration describing what happened and assuring parents that the school is safe and that no one was in harm's way," Charles White, a school system spokesman, said in a statement. "The school would like to commend the student who came forward for the responsible manner in which he reacted to the matter and would like to thank the Clayton County Police Department for their cooperation in the incident. The school district would like to commend Mundy's Mill administrators for their handling of the incident in adherence to the school's safety plan."

The Clayton County school system reported to the state that there were no violent crimes in the system in 2003. The system did report, though, 44 felony weapons cases, 11 cases of non-felony drugs, 19 cases of felony drugs and seven cases of terroristic threats in the same year.