Bush, Kerry: America's best? - Greg Gelpi

Amidst the murkiness of the mud raking and mud slinging of the political infighting, Americans of all political parties can agree on one thing.

There must be better presidential candidates than the ones plastered across every television screen.

This nation can plop a few guys down on the moon, split the atom and map the human genome, but can't field a halfway decent presidential candidate.

Even diehard John Kerry supporters and equally adamant George W. Bush backers must concede that somewhere there must be a better candidate.

Whether atop some shimmering skyscraper or down in the streets of a little country bumpkin town, I refuse to believe that someone somewhere is not more qualified, capable and available to lead this country.

Where Kerry was on a particular Christmas night before I was even born and whether Bush served everyday during his stint with the national guard may be debated for generations to come, in much the same way as the meaning of life continues to be debated.

The smokescreen of ever-changing facts and conflicting reports and records only goes to further the cause of both candidates, all the while further deluding and brainwashing the citizens of this country.

Do you support Candidate A or Candidate B?

The question itself is flawed. What about other candidates, other people, anybody?

Shhh... Don't tell anyone, but more than two candidates can be on a presidential ballot.

The fervor of a flurry of accusations and hoopla only creates a swelling mass of support and seizes more and more attention until the mere thought of someone other than the two chosen ones seems just shy of certifiably insane.

Self-described as anti-political party, I find it hard to bare the suffocating blanket of layer after layer of political campaigning, positioning and spinning.

Through the jungle of information, misinformation and mix of the two, the incessant repetition and pumping of political messages paves the political landscape, paving over any truth that may get in the way.

The back and forth volley of political pot shots hijacks the attention of the country and directs all eyes on the two players at center stage.

With a vast nation of 294,097,203 people as of the writing of this column, who can honestly say and believe that Bush and Kerry are the best candidates?

Keep in mind that after births, deaths and migration, America experiences a net gain of one person every 11 seconds.

Obviously, not all of these millions are eligible to run for president.

How many of those who are eligible, though, are guilty of the accusations being fired at Bush and Kerry or would stoop to the level of firing such accusations?

If half the mud slung around actually sticks to them, the masses following them should be the same masses to call for them to step aside.

Greg Gelpi covers education for the News Daily. He can be reached at ggelpi@news-daily.com or (770) 478-5753 Ext. 247.