GHSA proposal dies in committee

By Anthony Rhoads

The number of classifications in the Georgia High School Association will remain at five.

In a meeting Monday in Forsyth, the organization's reclassification committee scrapped a proposal to drop back to four classifications. As the plan died in the reclassification committee, it was not presented to the full executive committee for a vote.

The plan to go back to a four-classification system came about to cut down on the amount of travel time. In some regions, schools have had extensive travel time even when taking part in region contests.

An example of how far teams have had to travel was during the 2000-01 and 2001-02 school years when Evans-Augusta was aligned with schools from Clayton, Clayton, Henry, Coweta and Fayette counties.

Even though the GHSA will stay at five classifications, there are some proposals to help alleviate travel problems. Part of the proposal includes requiring cross over games between sub-region teams.

The proposal also calls for the GHSA to draw up all regions in all classifications. The GHSA would also be in charge of subdividing regions.

"We've got to look at it and vote probably in March," Jonesboro athletic director and GHSA executive committee member Don Corr said. "It's probably a certainty we won't go back to four classifications but it could be brought back up next time."

The GHSA expanded to five classifications in 2000 after 22 years of staying at four classifications.

Currently, fifteen percent of the schools are in Class AAAAA, the state's highest classification. Twenty-two percent at in Class AAAA and 21 percent each are in the three lowest classifications.

In Clayton and Henry Counties, five schools are in Class AAAAA including Mundy's Mill, Lovejoy and Union Grove in Region 4-AAAAA and Riverdale and Morrow in Region 3-AAAAA.

There are nine area schools in Class AAAA including Forest Park, Jonesboro, Mt. Zion, North Clayton, Eagle's Landing, Dutchtown, Henry County, Luella and Stockbridge.

Eagle's Landing Christian Academy, which just joined the GHSA this season, is the only area school in Class A.