Cargo plane's landing gear malfunctions

By Justin Boron

A 727 cargo plane carrying DHL Worldwide packages blocked a runway at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for about six hours Thursday morning after part of its landing gear malfunctioned during post-landing taxiing.

The operator of the aircraft, ASTAR Air Cargo, issued a statement that said they are looking into the cause of the malfunction.

"It is believed that the right main landing gear collapsed partially on the runway at the [airport]," a news release by the company said.

The National Transportation Safety Board also is investigating the matter and will have a report in the coming days, said Felicia Browder, a spokesperson for the airport.

None of the cargo was damaged, and the incident resulted in no injuries to the three people on board, said Jonathan Baker, a spokesperson for DHL Worldwide.

But the company expects a half-day delay for the packages on the plane, which departed from Cincinnati.

No delays for arriving or departing flights at the airport were reported.