Nagging led to man killing wife, he tells sister

By Ed Brock

Keith Andre Mitchell, who is accused of stabbing his wife to death during an argument Dec. 1, told his sister he did it because his wife kept nagging him, a Riverdale police detective testified on Tuesday.

After that and other testimony, Magistrate Michael Baird ordered the murder charge bound over to the grand jury.

Meanwhile, a second sister of Mitchell, 46, who turned himself in after the killing, said she wants to apologize to the family of stabbing victim 41-year-old Agnes Mitchell.

"I just want to give them my condolences. I'm very sorry, so sorry for their loss," said Valerie Mitchell of Atlanta.

Keith Mitchell appeared in Clayton County Magistrate Court on Tuesday but was not called on to testify.

Around 9 p.m. on the day of the killing another Riverdale officer encountered Mitchell in the parking lot of the city's police headquarters on Church Street, Riverdale Detective Sgt. Ed Mashburn said in his testimony. Noticing that Mitchell's hand was bandaged, the officer asked if he was all right, to which Mitchell responded that he wanted to report a stabbing.

When asked who and where the victim was Mitchell said it was his wife, , that she was back at their house on Buttonwood Court dead and he had stabbed her. Riverdale Police Sgt. Lisa Presley said previously that Agnes Mitchell appeared to have been stabbed to death with a kitchen knife about an hour before Keith Mitchell turned himself in.

She added that the couple had been arguing and that led to the stabbing. She didn't know what the argument was over.

Mashburn said that officers found Agnes Mitchell's body in the living room of the home and there were blood drops in the kitchen and the living room. Keith Mitchell did not have any blood on him when he turned himself in, but police found bloody clothes and shoes in his size in the living room with the body.

Mitchell was allowed to call his sister and his father, after which Mashburn talked to the sister.

"She said he told me he killed her," Mashburn said.

Valerie Mitchell said she was surprised to hear about the killing.

"I never knew him to be a person to ever react in that way," Valerie Mitchell said.

She also said she had never met Agnes Mitchell, to whom her brother had been married for just about 10 months, and she didn't know of any problems between them. She also didn't know that Keith Mitchell was on probation after he pleaded to domestic violence charges against him in connection with another fight with Agnes Mitchell.

On Aug. 21 Agnes Mitchell called police to report that her husband had pushed her into a wall, leaving visible marks, said Clayton County Solicitor General Keith Martin. In response, Keith Mitchell had told police that his wife had pulled a shotgun on him during the argument, but no gun was found where Mitchell said it should be, so he was arrested and charged with simple battery and family violence battery.

Mitchell pleaded guilty at his Nov. 8 arraignment and was given a 12-month probated sentence that included 80 hours of community service in lieu of a fine and the requirement that he enter a family violence intervention program. Martin said he wasn't sure if the intervention program, which involves individual assessment and counseling, had yet begun.

While one condition of Mitchell's probation was that he have no violent contact with his wife, he wasn't forced to leave the couple's home. Martin said Agnes Mitchell did not request that such action be taken, and she did not ask for a temporary protection order.

Mitchell's attorney John Beall waived a bond hearing that was scheduled for Friday.