News for Saturday, December 18, 2004


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Holiday sales up locally

By Michael Davis

An inch away from death - Greg Gelpi

I froze. I panicked.

Snow worries: Flurries expected in Sunday forecast

By Ed Brock

Henry K-9 unit makes pair of same-day drug seizures

By Michael Davis

Feeling philanthropic in Georgia - Ed Brock

If any of you saw what you took to be a mugger manning the Salvation Army kettle at Southlake Mall this Saturday, don't worry.

Cops' little helpers prove ready for holiday rush

By Greg Gelpi

Ruthless poker gods strike back - Justin Boron

The stacks of chips began to add up like in a dream. Virtual piles of black and blue chips placed neatly at the center of an online poker table all seemed to be tumbling my way.

A magical matchup: Santa vs. the chimney

By Justin Boron

Hey Maude, look I'm naked - Bob Paslay

I was prepared to blast Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin for the silliness to prove Atlanta is a big little city in the recent closing down of a vaudeville play in town. But then earlier this week she blinked and did the right thing, sending a letter telling city police to essentially leave the production alone.

Welcome (back) to Atlanta - Rob Felt

My apologies to the southside -- I'm moving back to Atlanta.

Shoplifting incident leads to chase

By Ed Brock


December 17, 2004

Locals to play in all-star game

By Jeffery Armstrong

Pets of the week

Victoria is a 2 1/2-year-old tortie domestic shorthair. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Victoria is a long-term resident at the Clayton County Humane Society shelter. She was originally turned in as a stray, hanging around an apartment complex, eating out of trash cans. For more information about Victoria call the Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. To see other animals available for adoption visit

Forest Park to set final millage rate

By Justin Boron

Shopping has merit, gambling none - Zach Porter

I like to buy stuff. CDs, DVDs, computer gadgets, camera gadgets, food, bric-a-brac. Shopping is fun, a way to pass the time, and define yourself materially by the clothes that you wear, the stylish products you own, that sporty little car you drive and the designer sweater wrapped around your neck. Perhaps a set of golf clubs shimmering in the back seat. Maybe it's your CD collection that reveals something about your personality type, the music stored on your iPod, a USB connection to your soul. Whatever the case, stuff is made to be bought and the stuff you bought may tell you something about yourself, who you are.

Rekindling childhood memories

By Doug Gorman

Forest Park to wrestle in Panther Invitational

By Anthony Rhoads

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