News for Friday, December 24, 2004


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Living in the House of Usher - Justin Boron

The future of my auspicious apartment building is deteriorating with the drop in the temperature.

Welcome (back) to Atlanta - Rob Felt

My apologies to the southside -- I'm moving back to Atlanta.

Wrestling brings Hutsells together

By Anthony Rhoads

'Happy Holidays' is not 'Bah Humbug' - Ed Brock

In light of the Christmas spirit, I'll be as nice about this as possible.

Making it through the season in holiday traffic mode - Gerry Yandel

That's it. I'm done ...

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Spreading holiday misery at the movies - Zach Porter

Christmas is a time for giving, compassion, and of course, good will towards men. Yeah right, maybe in the movies. But what about at the movies; a place where people flock en masse, that wonderful holiday spirit in tow, sitting side by side quietly to enjoy the magic of cinema? Nope, that doesn't happen either. Sorry.

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Bringing Christmas to life

By Ed Brock

Carjacking: The aftermath - Greg Gelpi

As a follow-up to my near-death experience chronicled in last week's column, I'm writing a letter to my car-jackers, providing them with an opportunity to succumb to the spirit of the holidays and do the right thing.

Former Jonesboro standout wins MVP award at tournament

By Doug Gorman

Running out of time

By Greg Gelpi


December 24, 2004

A soldier's Christmas

By Ed Brock