Where to ho, ho, go? Santa ready for a vacation?

By Michael Davis

This weekend may be a holiday for many of the world's children, but the presents opened by many of the world's children didn't come without a lot of hard work for the man in red.

As children and adults alike rip open boxes and crumple up shiny wrapping paper, jolly ol' St. Nick is likely taking a much-needed breather, along with his eight reindeer led by the red-nosed Rudolph.

But while Santa Claus has been traditionally tight-lipped about his vacation plans with Mrs. Claus, many of the Southern Crescent's smallest believers had their own ideas, and suggestions, about where Santa might go to rest up after Friday night's trek around the globe.

Corey Collins is quite sure what Santa does after he has delivered toys and goodies to all the good little boys and girls.

"He goes home and makes his Valentines," the 3-year-old Hampton resident said.

Some, who are sure to be on Santa's list (checked at least twice), suggested Santa might take a trip to the beach with his reindeer and Mrs. Claus.

"Atlanta Beach," specifically, is where 5-year-old Camryn Mathis expects to see Santa after the holidays. The McDonough resident said the Clayton County water park would be an ideal vacation spot for the sleigh-driving gift giver.

Evan Caudle, 10, of Locust Grove, surmised that Santa might use the holiday to spend some quality time with his wife, who is sure to miss him during the busy holiday season.

"He goes on a honeymoon with his wife," the Unity Grove Elementary School fourth-grader said.

Some say, however, that Santa is all work and little play.

After a busy night of crisscrossing the globe, Aubrey Cameron, 9, said Santa likely heads back to the North Pole to prepare for next Christmas.

"He goes back to the North Pole and tells his elves thank you and stuff," the McDonough fourth-grader said. "After, he starts making toys again."

Still others think Mr. Claus might just take a breather and "veg out" after a hard night's work.

"He probably goes home and relaxes," said Patrick Planchon, 11, of Stockbridge. "He also might tell his elves to get back to work."

But on the occasion Santa might take a holiday, Planchon said it's likely he's headed to the warmer climes of the island state of Hawaii, where his reindeer can sink their hooves into sand instead of snow.

"They might like it there," he said. "It's tropical and different instead of cold."

There has been no official word from the North Pole as to what Santa's after-Christmas plans are.