Wrestling brings Hutsells together

By Anthony Rhoads

Wrestling is definitely a family tradition for the Hutsells.

Marty Hutsell is the Henry County head coach while his brother Doug is head coach at Tri-Cities and his son is a first-year head coach at Cross Keys. Last year, Joe was an assistant for Marty at Henry County before going on to Cross Keys. Marty's other son, John, is a volunteer assistant coach at Henry County.

It all began with the patriarch of the family, Kay Hutsell, who was a high school state champion in Illinois in 1949. He went on to Indiana University where he played football and wrestled.

He eventually went into education, teaching science and coaching wrestling for 36 years. In 1979, he was named the national wrestling coach of the year.

Marty and Doug followed in their father's footsteps and both started wrestling when they were 5-years old.

They both were coached by their father at Bloomington High School in Indiana and both were successful – Marty won state titles in 1970-71 and Doug followed with state titles in 1973-74.

"We were always at wrestling meets and over the years they learned," Kay said. "Marty's a good coach and Doug's a good coach too. They know how to coach wrestling."

For the Hutsells, wrestling wasn't just a domain for the guys. Their mom, JoAnn, even coached and was Marty's coach in fifth and sixth grade.

"Dad started the elemetary wrestling program and Mom was a volunteer coach," Marty Said.

Both Marty and Doug went on to to wrestle at Indiana. Doug was third in the Big 10 conference once while Marty was a three-time Big 10 place winner. The highlight of Marty's collegiate career was finishing in the NCAA final eight his junior year.

"Dad never pushed my brother and me into the sport," Marty said. "We were around it all our lives, that's how I got into it."

Marty went on to coach high school wrestling in Georgia, leading the old Feldwood High School to one state championship and McIntosh to three state championships.

Both Joe and John wrestled for their father at McIntosh.

"I'm happy for them," Marty said. "If that's what they want to do, I'm proud of them.

The eldest Hutsell is also proud that the family tradition is being carried on by the youngest generation.

"I'm very proud of all of them," Kay said. "They (Joe and John) want to win right away and they're going to be successful just like Marty and Doug. All four of them are good kids."