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A December in baseball - Justin Boron

Baseball season is like a World Wrestling Entertainment show. Oftentimes, there is more excitement in the prelude than the actual event.


December 6, 2004

Forget the gift, go for the box - Greg Gelpi

It's all in the packaging.

A no-win war claiming some of America's finest - Bob Paslay

At what point can a well-meaning American like myself criticize this disastrous war in Iraq without being accused of being a terrorist-loving, pinko communist? The answer is probably never and so I won't wait to express my utter sorrow at the George War. Make no mistake about it. This is not America's war, it is George Bush's war. If this war ever had merit, which I don't believe it did, the time has long passed that it has any merit now.

On the frailty of traffic jams - Ed Brock

There is a rule of interstate travel.

Next administration to handle CSI, narcotics transfer

By Justin Boron

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Pets of the Week

Connery is a 1-year-old orange and white domestic shorthair. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Connery was found in a busy parking lot, dodging cars and begging for food from patrons of a nearby restaurant. For more information about Connery call the Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Other animals available for adoption may be seen at

Recess policy to be amended

By Justin Boron

More arts money should be school bound - Zach Porter

I've heard the argument lately from liberals that the Bush administration is the beginning of the end for the Cultural Arts. The claim is that the Bush constituency is a group of people devoid of cultural which I've stated before is impossible, and artistic sensibility which is largely an elitist construction to deny individuals' participation in the artistic process.

Southlake Mall celebrates 40 years of 'Rudolph'

By Ed Brock

Jonesboro splits against Mundy's Mill

By Anthony Rhoads

Haircuts and nailclippings - Rob Felt

As the dark winter approaches, holding us indoors to contemplate the woes of our lives, there are several common cures for its cold gray oppression. To that list I add haircuts and nail clippings.