Commissioners create SPLOST budget

By Billy Corriher

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners voted on Tuesday to create a budget for projected revenue from the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.

County Finance Director Dan Martin presented the commissioners with a projection of $21.5 million in revenue from January until July from the SPLOST.

The county will have to wait until March to get the first payment from the state, which receives the SPLOST funds first, but two road projects are already under way.

Wayne Patterson, the county's director of transportation and development, said repair projects on Lee Street and Flint River Road were paid for out of the county's general fund, but will be repaid with SPLOST revenue.

"The county advanced it so they could go ahead and get started on it," Patterson said.

The rest of the projects will be funded as they come up. Patterson said he would present proposals to the commissioners, who will then put the items up for bidding.

The county also affirmed the six-month moratorium on zoning it passed at a zoning hearing last week. The temporary ban on zoning permits applies to unincorporated land in the county.

The moratorium was established to give the county time to finish revising its land use plan, which must be completed by October.

The next step in the revision of the plan is a series of public envisioning sessions to be held first on Feb. 17 and continuing through the end of the month.

The board of commissioners also approved the auction of six vehicles seized by the Clayton County Drug Enforcement Task Force.

The commissioners established qualifying fees for judges of the State Court of Clayton County and for solicitor general of the county.

It also set aside funding for a new riding trencher and trailer and to set up two new traffic signal projects on state Route 85 and state Route 54.