Dropped cell phone leads to kidnapping

By Ed Brock

A 17-year-old Jonesboro girl told police a man kidnapped her after she stopped her car to retrieve the cell phone she had dropped out the window.

The girl said she was going home from a friend's house where she was getting her hair done around 1 a.m. Thursday when the incident happened, according to Clayton County police Officer Travis Fox. She told Fox that she was holding her cell phone out of the window of her car trying to pick up a signal as she drove down Mundy's Mill Road and accidentally dropped the phone.

When she pulled over and began looking for the phone a man wearing all black with gloves and a ski mask got into the passenger seat of her car. The man told her that if she did what she was told everything would be OK, then began giving her directions where to drive.

They drove on back roads where she didn't know where she was, the girl said, until at one point the man told her to pull over and then got out of the car. She drove away and when she got to a familiar location she called her mother who met her at a restaurant on Ga. Highway 85 in Fayetteville.

The mother and daughter stopped to fill the girl's gas tank before going home to call the police. The girl told Fox that she never saw if the man had a weapon but she tried not to look at him too much.

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