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Plasma TV: The new bacon - Rob Felt

Men have always been great at inventing various, and mostly deplorable, ways of comparing themselves to each other. We have retained this ability from our days of tribal wilderness dwelling, where the Alpha male controlled the group and had his choice of the women.

We've got a monkey on our backs - R.H. Joseph

Ask yourself which is worse: State School Superintendent Kathy Cox's supremely stupid suggestion that the word "evolution" be removed from Georgia textbooks or the fact that the state school superintendent had no idea the suggestion was supremely stupid?

Doing what you love to do - Kathy Jefcoats

I love my job, do you? I absolutely love being a news reporter. This is my fourth newspaper since I graduated from Macon College and I have had an interesting career. I have met interesting people and people who think they are interesting but who are not. I met Sonny Perdue when he was stumping for state senator back in the early 1990s. I met Roy Barnes when he was campaigning for some office before he ran for governor. I met Zell Miller while he was governor. That was a cool meeting. I was getting the Beacon Award from the Georgia School Boards Association for my coverage of the Jones County School System and Miller was the keynote speaker.

Much ado about a breast - Ed Brock

Brothers and sisters, please turn in the Good Book to Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 25.

Pick on somebody your own size - Clay Wilson

I'm sick and tired of this. I'm sick and tired of hearing about adults brutally killing children.

Enjoying life and eating cookies - April Avison

My 91-year-old grandfather was working in his yard in Crockett, Texas, last week when a tree fell over on him. It just snapped up by the roots and fell over as my grandfather tried – unsuccessfully – to outrun it.

Who can beat Captain America? - Billy Corriher

With Sen. John Kerry jumping out in front of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, more and more primary voters are pointing to Kerry's "electability" as the secret to his allure.

Single drink license referendum planned

By Ed Brock

Court overturns redistricting plans

By Michael Davis

North Clayton boys advance in 4-AAAA tournament

By Anthony Rhoads

North Clayton cruises to win

By Anthony Rhoads

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Read this column, don't wait for the movie - Bob Paslay

My friend Patrick in Atlanta found himself without a job and since he is older and it is harder to get a job when you are older, he started selling used books on the Internet. Over the years he had acquired 6,000 to 7,000 books and bolstered this stash with some selective ones from thrift shops.

Senate passes Bright from the Start

By Greg Gelpi

Southern Regional, UnitedHealthcare reach deal

The Southern Regional Health System reached an agreement with UnitedHealthcare of Georgia.

Car insurance: A legalized scam - Greg Gelpi

I'm not the brightest guy around, so maybe someone can help me understand car insurance. Everything about the concept baffles me, and my latest exploits to find a new policy only add to my bewilderment.

Crime prevention recommendations for children

By Kathy Jefcoats

Clanton to drive in Craftsman Series

From Staff Reports

County considering scaled-down Gateway hotel

By Billy Corriher

D-A-N-I-E-L-L-E is a W-I-N-N-E-R

By Greg Gelpi

Culturally competent practices - Zach Porter

If you're reading this to find out what Culturally Competent Practice is, I'm not too much of an authority on that. I can't say much about the phrase except that my friend made it up as a phony book title for an art school project. The full title was something along the lines of "Culturally Competent Practice, Understanding Faith and Family Values in America." It was quite catchy and I always wanted to reuse it in some fashion and now is as good a time as any. However it does relate vaguely to today's forthcoming topic which is the first of the three words in the aforementioned phrase.


February 11, 2004

Lovejoy, Riverdale earn state berths

By Jeffery Armstrong

Recent kidnapping, death puts parents on high alert

By Ed Brock