Black curtains, troubling vision - Rob Felt

Every night the parking lot outside my apartment window is lit up bright enough to perform minor invasive surgery. Recently I made some progressive advances against this unwanted nocturnal intruder and shielded myself with black curtains. Now everything has changed.

It began as a harmless birthday gift from my mother, who was only out to help me sleep better. What has emerged from the transformation should be shoved back into it.

My first warning sign should have been the difficulty of installing the curtain rod. This past Saturday afternoon I struggled with the beast n hammering where screws should have snuggled in, twisting where I should have been turning, and fighting a mostly losing battle.

After the rod was in place I took an iron to the fabric of the drapery. What is that smell? I still don't know, but the curtains are wrinkle-free and now cover the 72-inch square window.

Well there you are then, Rob. Everything sounds fine, so what's the problem?

Sleep's very nature has shifted on me.

Lacking any real knowledge on the science of sleep, all I can confirm is that the amount of ambient light in your bedroom has a great effect on the quality and type of rest you get. Sleep used to be easy. A simple requirement of the body met with no anticipation.

Just this morning I slept through an hour of snooze alarms while having a very elaborate dream about playing acoustic guitar on stage with a band of people I didn't know. I've never been in a band or played acoustic guitar. A few nights back I awoke to the echo of some video game music that stayed in my head until the middle of the next day.

On Sunday morning I slept until noon. N-double-O-N. That shouldn't happen. Waking up is now an absolute chore for my body. Sleep holds me down like a dark beanbag the size of a house.

I don't need this crap. Give me back my simple, easy sleep. Let me enter the world fresh and lightly rested each morning, because I need a clear head to deal with life and the news it holds.

For example? how can my groggy brain comprehend the annual stampede of hundreds of our peaceful Muslim friends during the Hajj by? themselves? What is our government's fixation on moderating the hopeless Middle East when human rights violations persist in China? Why is it so hard for me to write a column without throwing in at least two cents on some political issue? What is that dammed music?

On second thought, maybe shutting out the world with black curtains and sleeping late is exactly what I need.

Rob Felt is the photographer for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at rfelt@henryherald.com.