11th annual competition begins

By Greg Gelpi

Giddy to learn and anxious to answer questions, students at Mundy's Mill Middle School have discovered that learning history is more than taking notes and taking tests.

Students from every class are competing in the school's 11th annual Black History Quiz Bowl this week.

"I want my name to be mentioned in a Black History Quiz Bowl someday," eighth-grader Jamaal Campbell said. "Getting to know more about my history is fulfilling."

Campbell fired off strings of correct answers, buzzing in and answering some questions before they were even completed. He said his secret was "studying and experience," having competed in previous black history quiz bowls.

Some questions stumped the young contestants, though.

For instance, what is musician Little Richard's real name? Not Richard Simmons as one student excitedly burst out saying. Naming black scientists, artists and civil rights pioneers, the students showcased their knowledge.

Beth Chance, who moderated the quiz bowl competition, said the program provides an alternative way for students to learn information that is already included in the state curriculum.

Questions covered a wide range of black history including sports, science and the arts.

Mundy's Mill students have been participating in Black History Month by studying and competing in black history. Students were given a list of questions to study for the quiz bowl, and with each round of the competition the students learned more. Some classes even sat and watched the quiz bowl to learn black history, Chance said.

"We know a little more about black history," Ariell Lawrence, another eighth-grader, said. "I didn't know African Americans had created some cartoons."

Each class sends a team of students. Matched up in brackets, the teams go head to head and compete this week with the championship on Friday.