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Candidates put best face forward - April Avison

In our quest to find something wrong with the Democratic presidential candidates, we stumbled upon something juicy last week.

Searching for answers in Iraq - Billy Corriher

Now that former chief weapons inspector David Kay has gone public with his belief that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, President Bush will order an investigation of U.S. intelligence failures, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

The real trial of the century - Ed Brock

Like I wrote last week, if and when Saddam Hussein goes to trial, certain Americans may well be named as accessories to his crimes.

Saying one thing and wishing another - Bob Paslay

Why do you think people deep down don't like politicians? And what is it about politicians that are different from the rest of us?

Godfather of Soul in trouble again - Kathy Jefcoats

I got the call last week I didn't expect to get. The Godfather of Soul was in trouble again. The call came from Karen, a reporter at the Aiken Standard, the paper where I worked for more than a year.

Faith cannot make Santa real - R.H. Joseph

Poor C.S. Lewis! The deceased author of "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "The Screwtape Letters" never had the advantage of reading the newspaper you now so casually peruse.

Shooting may be gang-related

By Ed Brock

Commissioners create SPLOST budget

By Billy Corriher

Not all votes created equal - Greg Gelpi

The show is over. Go home. Votes have been cast in Iowa and New Hampshire, and political pundits are already anointing John Kerry the Democratic candidate for president.

?WalkAmerica' kicks off

By Ed Brock

Tuskegee Airmen rise above racism

By Greg Gelpi

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Several local players expected to sign today

From staff reports

Jonesboro girls roll, boys fall to Henry

By Doug Gorman

Stop driving those killer cars - Zach Porter

I wonder where they are going everyday at 100 miles per second flying past.

Council criticizes mayor

By Billy Corriher

I could've been a game show contender - Clay Wilson

Judge not, that ye be not judged" (Matt. 7:1). A valuable admonition; one I too often find myself forgetting.

Child critically injured in accident

By Ed Brock


February 4, 2004