Resolution: veto power - Rob Felt

Lobbying is under way for a bill that would grant me the authority to veto a New Year's resolution that is currently under consideration. Some sub-committee in my brain has proposed that I disconnect my cable service in an effort to cut cost overruns and increase productivity.

A group of dedicated filibusters is working around the clock to curb any momentum in support for this policy. Fundraising has stalled, but my web site is logging new members every day who read my blogs and pledge their support.

I will not, no? cannot let it happen. Seeing the merits of this rash action through the static of fear is nearly impossible. It amounts to a mental feat that cannot be accomplished by a simpleton television viewer such as myself.

An unnamed coworker takes great pleasure in asserting his lack of media connectivity. Well I maintain that connectivity is exactly what we're talking about here! Depending on which channels and shows you choose to watch, non-network television can be a valuable tool for understanding the world we live in.

News channels aside, cable television provides an arena for very specifically targeted programming. I watch some extremely geeky computer shows on TechTV that actually achieve the noble goal of being both entertaining and informative. Television, as one media in many, is best at delivering this type of content.

Of course much of the same information would find its way to me if I turned the box off. I read an array of magazines and enjoy fiction and non-fiction books alike, so ease off the intellectual superiority, Sport: I haven't taken an English class since high school and you've read me this far.

Certain information would not reach me without cable. The most notable would be HBO's original shows, which are (at their worst) better than anything on the networks, and at their best they surpass most garbage that passes for a movie.

Innovative entertainment can inspire. Consume it and you enter a loop where mundane punch lines are cast off and creativity pushes logic in new directions. Sound idealistic? Art is not created in a vacuum, so expose yourself to little and find yourself producing very little. Simple math.

This New Year I will scribble the common pursuit of physical fitness in my resolution column and leave my television connected.

Rob Felt is the photographer for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at rfelt@henryherald.com.